This is just a demo page to show you how translation flag or drop down work in main menu. The language translation menu will only open or show up, when you have that particular page translated. What i mean to say here is that, let’s suppose if we have this demo page, only in one language, then you won’t have translation option appear just below this post, Because we have this page in only one languages. Lets suppose we have this demo page in french, english and next spain language, then when by default this page open in french language then we will have option to select english or spain languages because this page is available in all those languages ok. If this page is available in two language, ie english and french then when we open this page in french, then we will have option to select english. If we have open this page in english language then we will have option for french. Same things happens in case of menu also. I have already setup language flag drop down, but you must have that page translated in another languages then only you will see that flag ok. If you are still then i am ready to explain you, hope you have got my point, what i am saying.