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Le Portique des Réincarnations du Arizal (partie 1)

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The Porch of Reincarnations / שער הגילגולים is one of the parts of the teaching of the Arizal  as written by Rabbi Haym Vital . This book is composed of 40 introductions that address the concept of reincarnation / גילגול in different aspects. It is a very difficult work because it does not expose a clear doctrine of the concept and it would be a mistake to want to look for a global theory.

The notion of reincarnation and the reincarnation of Zohar and Tiqqouney Hazohar will be addressed in one article. However, we have chosen to translate it by ‘cycle’ which is closer to the term of the term and in accordance with the notion that it is not directly related to the body. others as stated in the book of Rabbi Haym Vital.

En collaboration avec le site

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter, en collaboration avec le site la seule traduction du Portique des réincarnations/שער הגילגולים faite par Rabbi Pinchas Winston.

Le Portique des Réincarnations/Gilgoulim.
Traduction anglaise

traduction inédite

Rabbi Pinchas Winston.

les 6 premiers chapitres en pdf bilingue Hébreu/Anglais.

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