zohar-fac simile-the first edition--mantoba-italie-1558 - Beit Hazohar
Zohar, la première édition

The Zohar of Mantoba

Reprint of the first edition of the book of Zohar (Mantoue 1558)

Reprint of the first edition of The Zohar (Mantua 1558)

Following the conference that we devoted to the first edition of the Zohar, the importance of printing the first edition of the Zohar was demonstrated as a major historical fact in the history of Kabbalah and its dissemination. This is why we have fully digitized the copy of the zohar from the Élie Nahmias collection and printed in a limited edition and numbered the 3 volumes of this historical work in facsimile.

Zohar l'édition de Mantoue (1558) réédition fac-simile du livre majeur de la Kabbale
Presentation of the facsimile edition box

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Since its publication in 1558, this work had never been reprinted. There are a few rare copies left in the world of this reference book of Kabbalah.

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