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Zohar mantua conference

The Splendor of the Expanse

International conference on the first edition of the zohar

The Book of Zohar has a long history. History of its manuscripts, History of its commentaries and interpretations, History of its distribution and its influence. Before the establishment of a text accepted and recognized by all, many versions of this text were shared and studied by the Masters of the Jewish tradition in many countries.

But what gave the Zohar the rise that we know today is its first edition printed in Italy, in Mantua, between 1558 and 1560.

Indeed, this edition was a major turning point in the history of the Zohar because it made it possible to establish a text accepted by all, an established and fixed pagination, readability and publicity.

Among its many treasures, the Library of the Alliance Israélite Universelle has a rare copy of this edition with handwritten annotations and the autograph signatures of Italian censors. This book was exhibited during the conference and republished for the first time in facsimile and numbered edition.

It is to better understand the important event of this edition that the Beit Ha-Zohar Association organized an international conference in May 2018 in Paris at Museum of Art and History of Judaism.

The greatest international specialists of the Kabbalah debated, during this day, the different aspects of this edition and its History and we are happy to present this conference to you here as well as the texts of the interventions:

The Zohar of Mantua

Our Conference

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