The Sefer Yetzirah

History and reception of a major cabalistic text

Presentation of the Symposium
Michael sebban and Jean Baumgarten
International meeting

The Sefer Yetzirah

The Sefer Yetzirah or Book of Creation is attributed, according to tradition to Patriarch Abraham. this famous book deals with the Creation of the World by the Paths of Wisdom, the divine Names, the Sefirot , the letters, the months of the year and the zodiac signs. It is a complex and major work in the study of Kabbalah. Based on a 13th century Spanish manuscript belonging to the National Library of France, our conference will study this book and its reception.

The Manuscript Heb. 763

Symposium program

Opening of the conference

Paul Salmona (Director of MAHJ)

Laurent Hericher (General Curator of the Oriental Manuscripts Department, BNF, Paris)

Michael Sebban (Beit Hazohar, Paris)

Jean Baumgarten (CNRS-EHESS, Paris): The representation of the human body

Piergabrielle Mancuso (University of Venice): Exegesis, interpretation and textual amalgamation: Sabbatai Donnolo’s reading of the SY

Julien Darmon (EHESS, Paris): Nahmanide’s commentary

Michael Sebban (Beit Hazohar, Paris): The commentary of R. Abraham Aboulafia

Lunch break

Paul Fenton (Paris IV University): Philosophical Commentaries in the Judeo-Arab Tradition

Saverio Campanini (University of Bologna): The Christian Hebrews and the translations of the Book of Creation

Emma Abbate (CNRS, Paris): Making a Golem

Yossi Chajes (University of Haifa): The Sepher Yetsirah and the kabbalistic trees ( Ilanot )

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