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Emma Abate

Emma Abate

Emma Abate is a research fellow at the Institute for Research and History of Texts (IRHT, CNRS) and scientific coordinator of the project Books within Books: Hebrew Fragments in European Libraries His work is dedicated to the exploration of Jewish magical and kabbalistic traditions through the study of manuscripts produced between the Middle Ages and early modern times (Sigillare il mondo. Amuleti e ricette dalla Genizah, Palermo 2015; “The initiation of the righteous: the ritual of the ‘clothing of the Name’ from a manuscript of the Genizah”, 2017).

She coordinated the collective volume L’Eredità di Salomone. La magia ebraica in Italia e nel Mediterraneo (Florence 2019). Currently, she is preparing a book, The golem factory (CNRS Editions) which gathers and comments on a choice of instructional texts for the creation of artificial beings whose goal is to let emerge the issues and the conceptions which inform the first testimonies of this ritual.

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